Together We Matter

Go fast, go alone; go far, go together!


Dear Coaches, 

It is always so easy to just mind our own business (literally) and function as an individual. However, I firmly believe that there is no better time than now for sports coaches to gather together and seek unity for the greater good.

Personally, I've heard many stories about coaches giving up on this career due to financial instability or unfair contract terms. Most of these coaches go unheard and left despondent to fend for themselves. 

Hence, let us not put off the decision to be part of this movement that will not only improve the condition of coaches but also has the ability to impact the sporting industry positively  in Singapore.

Together with you, 
Justin Teh
Sports Coaches Association of Singapore


Team Photo: Top (L-R): Jiansen, Suzanne, Garick | Bottom (L-R): Fabian, Shawn, Justin, Danny 
Team Photo Credit: National Trades Union Congress | Copyright 2016